Bieber Forced To Pay $80K For Damages After Throwing Eggs At Neighbor’s House


Justin Bieber has denied that he threw eggs at a neighbor’s house but after a CCTV video surfaced showing quite clearly that he did (and also showed him being quite obnoxious while doing it) and proving the neighborhood’s complaint, there is no point in continuing the deception.

Biebs probably came around and accepted that he would have to suffer the consequences of his vandalism.

It has been decided that he has to pay $80,000 for damages and to perform some community service. But don’t worry – it’s not like he’ll have to pick up trash by the freeway. Instead, he will volunteer at an LA charity foundation for five whole days. That’ll teach him.

Hopefully the community service, along with the bible study he’s already attending and the anger management course he’s also (thankfully) attending, will make him a bit less prone to these kinds of childish outbursts.

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