The Bill Cosby Meme That Went Wrong

Bill Cosby, or someone in his team, thought it would be really nice to ask the fans on Twitter to make a nice Cosby meme. They probably forgot that the name “Cosby” these days is most commonly associated with accusations of sexual abuse.

It’s pretty hard to believe that they thought, even for a second, that this was going to end well. And of course, it didn’t.

The tweet on the Bill Cosby official Twitter page consisted of a photo of Cosby tipping his hat, with the words “Go ahead. Meme me!” and the #CosbyMeme hashtag. The hashtag was used alright, only not as the Cosby team had imagined.

Twitter users responded by creating hundreds of memes that reference the rape allegations against Cosby, which refer to something that happened 20 years ago but resurfaced earlier this year.

The hashtag and the meme opened debated about rape culture and the initial tweet from Bill Cosby disappeared, along with the possibility of searching Twitter for the words “sex,” “rape” and “rapist,” at least for a while.

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