Suge Knight Appears In Court, Pleads Not Guilty


Marion “Suge” Knight and the comedian Katt Williams were both charged with robbery after they were arrested last week in Las Vegas in relation to an incident that took place in September in Beverly Hills.

The two are accused of stealing a camera from a paparazzi. Suge Knight appeared in court at the scheduled time and pleaded not guilty.

Bail was set for him at $500,000 and he was placed back in custody until he makes bail.

Williams, on the other hand, did not appear in court. The next court appearance for the two is December 24. Knight, best known as the co-founder and the former CEO of Death Row Records, is looking at a possible 30 years in jail, since he already has a previous conviction for assault with a deadly weapon.

He was also booked separately for driving with a suspended license. Williams, who has no priors, could be sentenced to seven years if convicted.

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