Taylor Swift Is Done With Spotify Forever


Team Taylor Swift is determined never to deal with Spotify again. Scott Borchetta, CEO of her record label Big Machine, said Wednesday that Swift has earned less than $500,000 in the past year for domestic streaming of her music, according to Time.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek claimed Tuesday that Taylor could earn more than $6 million in the next year from Spotify.

“We started Spotify because we love music and piracy was killing it. So all the talk swirling around lately about how Spotify is making money on the backs of artists upsets me big time. Our whole reason for existence is to help fans find music and help artists connect with fans through a platform that protects them from piracy and pays them for their amazing work.”

However, Borchetta claimed that the pop star gets more money from Vevo than from Spotify.

“The facts show that the music industry was much better off before Spotify hit these shores. Don’t forget this is for the most successful artist in music today. What about the rest of the artists out there struggling to make a career? Over the last year, what Spotify has paid is the equivalent of less than 50,000 albums sold.”

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