Justin Bieber Arrested For DUI And Drag Racing In Miami Beach


Pop star Justin Bieber has been arrested for driving under the influence after his sobriety test failed. According to US report, police pulled over a rented yellow Lamborghini car that was driven by Bieber in the early hours of today, in Miami Beach.

Bieber has been pulled over under allegations of driving under the influence, and taking part in a drag race. Bobby Hernandez, the police spokesman, confirmed that the 19-year old popstar was arrested after he failed a sobriety test.

This is Bieber’s third connection with the police after the recent “egging” of his neighbor’s house, and an unauthorized police escort that happened just the other day.

The police also arrested the other driver who was involved in the drag race with Bieber.

Justin was booked at the Miami-Dade County jail, but for now he’s taken to the Miami Beach police station for further proceedings.

Shortly before the arrest, Bieber uploaded photographs on Instagram of a female friend and himself in the sports car. His friend is reported to be the model Chantel Jeffries. A second image showed Bieber and his fellow posing in front of their Lamborghinis, though the photographs have now been removed from the website.

Associated Press reported that the street where the race and arrest took place is a palm-tree lined housing street, with apartment buildings on one side and a high school on the other.

It’s definitely not Bieber’s first time that he’s in trouble for reckless driving, being that it’s well known that he often recklessly drives around the area near his California home.

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