Instagram Photo Might Get Snoop Dogg Banned From Australia


Famous rapper Snoop Dogg might regret posting a picture of himself with a huge bowl of cannabis in a hotel room in Australia. His picture reached Australian politicians who warned him that he might be banned from the country.

The rapper, who’s a prolific weed smoker, was in the country for a tour when he posted the picture where he’s sitting on a sofa with fresh fruit and a large pile of marijuana in front of him.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said that the picture could backfire when Snoop applies for a travel visa next time. He added, “Next time Mr. Broadus requests a visa to enter Australia he may regret this stunt. Visa holders convicted of serious criminal offences can be, and are, deported from Australia.”

Gold Coastal police have been unable to react since the star has now left the state. Also, the picture has been removed from the star’s page.

“We respect the privacy of all our guests. However we have no influence or control as to the image they wish to portray of their persona via their personal social media.

This was brought to our attention today but he’s actually checked out. It appears to be marijuana but we don’t know for sure,” reads the statement from the hotel.

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