Arnold Schwarzenegger Fails A Gym Prank


Famous Hollywood strongman Arnold Schwarzenegger showed his funny side and put up a fake moustache and a ponytail to prank on guys in a gym in California. It was all part of a charity sketch.

He anonymously paid a visit to Gold’s Gym in Venice, California, and started giving advices to members.

However, his light disguise and baseball cap actually failed to fool many.

Almost none of his potential victims believed a word the actor said especially when he insisted that his name was Howard.

The video of the failed prank appeared on the Internet on Tuesday as part of a campaign to collect money for After-School All-Stars.

The charity is supported by Schwarzenegger, and it provides after-class activities for kids with disabilities.

Even though he might not be the best comedian, Arnold showed that he has the best intentions, and this was a move worth admiring.

Way to go, Arnie!

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