Charlize Theron Says Life In Spotlight Is Like Rape


Hollywood actress Charlize Theron said life in Hollywood is similar to rape, and thus provoked the wrath of women’s rights activists.

In an interview with Sky News, the actress insisted she tries to avoid looking up stories online, when asked about whether she reads articles about herself.

The star then went on and compared the coverage of her private life to being sexually abused. She stated, “I don’t do that (Google myself). So that’s my saving grace. I think it’s when you start living in that world and doing that that you start… I guess feeling raped.”

The actress, who adopted a son in 2010, recently hits international headlines after her relationship with colleague Sean Penn became public. However, she says she’s trying to keep her family life private, and also said she doesn’t understand why celebrities enjoy publicizing their lives.

She added, “When it comes to your son and your private life (I keep it private), maybe that’s just me, some people might relish in all of that kind of stuff (but) there are certain things in my life that I think of as very sacred and I’m very protective over them, that doesn’t mean I always win that war, but as long as I don’t have to see that stuff or read that stuff or hear that stuff… Then I can live with my head in a clear space. That’s probably a lot healthier…”

My job has made my live incredibly blessed and good and I am very grateful for that but that doesn’t mean that every aspect of my life becomes fodder for an article. I try to protect that as much as I can.”

Actress Kristen Stewart issued an apology after she made similar remarks comparing the media intrusion to sex assault in 2010. Kim Novak was criticized by women’s groups after she used the word ‘rape’ when she talked about the similarities between The Artist’s movie score and the music from Vertigo in 1958.

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