Charlotte Church Thinks Miley Cyrus Will Regret Twerking


You have probably asked yourself once in your life if some moment will matter in 20 years time, in order to determine whether you should do it or not.

Well, Charlotte Church thinks twerking will be one of Miley Cyrus’ shameful moments when she looks back on her life.

The former child star reached stardom when she was 12, but Charlotte also experienced major issues with privacy during her teen years. Back then she was determined to stay away from the eye of the public and try to work on her career through alternate ways.

What’s more, she believes her fellow singer Cyrus, who became famous at 11 after the TV show Hannah Montana, won’t be proud in the future when she looks back at her sexy stage performances and disgraceful behavior she currently promotes.

Charlotte told The Times, “She was even younger than I was when she became well-known and it’s never gone away from her. I was able at some points to get away from it and also I come from a really normal family, really working class. She was a child star and her father’s famous.”

“To have perspective is a difficult thing when you’ve had a really unusual upbringing. So she’s not necessarily making decisions that she will always be proud of, or uphold,” Church added.

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