Sharon Stone Sues A Hollywood Producer


Sharon Stone is suing Hollywood producer Bob Yari for $500,000 that he owes her, claiming she was forced to falsify US travel documents in order to shoot a movie about Ernest Hemingway in Cuba.
According to the lawsuit, Yari asked the actress to lie in order to get permission from the US Government. The producer allegedly insisted on Sharon saying the trip was part of “a cultural endeavor”, which it wasn’t.

In addition, Sharon claims Yari sent her an email saying, “NO ONE has EVER been jailed for travel to Cuba.”

However, when the Basic Instinct star refused to lie to the US Government, the producer recast the role and refused to give Sharon the $500,000 he promised.

I’m very disappointed. It’s a situation where she gave me her word, and we shut a film down in December 2012 to accommodate her and then two months away from the shooting date, she demanded almost double the amount agreed to,” Yari told The News.

Yari added, “It was a difference in opinion: we claimed she could travel, she didn’t feel comfortable. However, that’s irrelevant because we ultimately said fine, and we shut down at great cost, came back to the U.S. and got the license she wanted, all in coordination with her schedule.

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