Taylor Swift Sends Support Video Message For US Olympic Skier


The US Olympic team recently received unexpected support from the world of celebrities. Popular singer Taylor Swift has sent a special message to Olympic skier Torin Yater-Wallace after he declared his love for the superstar, just before heading to Sochi.

The 18-year old athlete revealed he’s a huge fan, and he frequently listens to Taylor’s music in order to concentrate and focus before big competitions. Executives at US show Entertainment Tonight informed Swift about Torin and she agreed to shoot a message for the Olympic team, and thank the skier for his support.

In the video, the singer said, “Hey, it’s Taylor, I just wanted to good luck to everybody going to Sochi. I wanted to wish all the Winter athletes luck and Torin, thanks for listening to my music while you practice. That’s amazing!”

After watching the video, Torin exclaimed, “Whoa! She knows my name,” adding, “I‘d like to thank you, Taylor Swift, for telling me good luck, and tell her she’s one of the most beautiful people to walk on this planet.”

Afterwards, when the sportsman was asked about his ideal date night with Taylor, he said “We’ll go to the Hickory House in Aspen and get barbecue ribs and maybe go to the hot tub at the Ritz Carlton. And she can come over and we can see what happens after that.”

However, the support message didn’t give Torin any luck since he failed with both of his runs.

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