Chris Brown Arrested After Being Kicked Out Of Rehab


Troubled singer Chris Brown will probably find himself behind bars after violating an order to finish his rehab.

For the past four months R&B star has been dealing with anger management issues but cannot continue, as he has recently been kicked out.

In 2009, Brown was in the center of scandal when he beat up his girlfriend Rihanna, where he ended up being arrested and charged for assault. Brown was then ordered to stay in a facility for 90 days, in Malibu, California.

However, his therapy, aimed at sorting out his temper problems, was extended earlier this month by the court as Brown was ordered to stay put until another assault case is finished.

The other case is related to a fight in Washington, DC last November.

However, it seems the treatment facility couldn’t handle the troubled singer, as he was ordered to leave on Friday morning.

Still, it’s not the first time this year he’s been kicked out of rehab. Earlier he got into an argument with his mother resulting with a broken window of her car, after Brown hurled a brick.

The singer was arrested on Friday and taken to a jail in Los Angeles.

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