Chris Brown Makes A Good Point, Signaling The End Of Time


You know that something is wrong with the universe when you agree with Chris Brown and we are sad to say that existence as we know it has definitely entered its End Days.

Simply put, the famous rapper and Rihanna-beater is making a good point concerning a law suit he’s been implicated in and we cannot ignore it no matter how much we dislike the man and everything he stands for. Namely, a guy who got shot at Brown’s concert in San Jose is, among other people, suing the star as well, saying that he should have beefed up the security because he attracts violence.

This is the dumbest case of celebrity litigation for the sake of it that we have heard this year. The famous pop star simply asked the judge to toss out the case on the grounds that it is complete nonsense and that there are rules and laws about who is responsible for security at music venues.

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