Guy Stumbles Upon Heaps Of Tupac Memorabilia


In one of the more fun celebrity news this Monday, a guy gets his hands on so much Tupac Shakur memorabilia that he will probably be set for life. Of course, should he decide to sell it all.

The so-far unnamed lucky guy was answering an ad on Craigslist for some baseball cards. Once he started talking to the seller, he found out that he also had some Tupac stuff on him. His dad used to work with Tupac in the 90s and he had all this stuff lying around. Our lucky dude decided to buy it all and he could not believe what he got.

He got 3 full notebooks of lyrics, ideas and notes, as well as a couple of CDs with unreleased music. Now if he could only find a device to play the CDs. The guy is expected to clean up big time considering for how much Tupac memorabilia has gone recently.

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