Comedian Hart Claims He Was Faithful to Wife


After claims were made by his wife that their divorce was a result of his infidelity, comedian Kevin Hart fired back to say that he was faithful to her and that this was not the reason behind the divorce.

The two have been divorced since 2011, and they were married for seven years prior to that. However, his ex-wife Torrei was interviewed recently in a new reality show that focuses on exes and has been saying a lot about the comedian.

She said that Hart has an affair with Eniko Parrish, who he is currently dating, and said that this was what led to the divorce. She also blamed Parrish for breaking up the family.

Torrei said that she wanted to punch Parrish in the face and knock her out many times, but she never acted on these impulses. The two have two children together and she says that it is very hard to know that the woman that broke up the family is currently spending time with her children.

She said that she was with Hart from the start, before he had any money. She said that she started dating him when he was selling shoes and making five dollars an hour, adding that she was his “muse.”

Hart took to Twitter to deny these claims that were being made by his ex. He said that “fame is an unbelievable drug.”



He also added that she and the kids are being taken care of and that he goes above and beyond what the court has asked him to do. He also added that he has embraced the person that Torrei is currently dating and that he has shown nothing but positivity in the situation.

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