Myers Proud to Be Part of Legendary Kanye Outburst


Comedian and actor Mike Myers, who was standing next to Kanye West during his infamous outburst regarding Hurricane Katrina, said that he is very proud that he was a part of that moment.

This was during a television fundraiser for hurricane victims, during which Kanye accused then US President George Bush of not caring about black people.

Myers said that he is proud that he was there, because he believes that what West said at the time was the truth.

Even though Myers looks shocked when you look back at the tape of this incident, he said that nine years late when he looks back at it, he is glad that West had the courage to call out the authorities and the lack of actions that were taken to protect the people of New Orleans.

He said the emphasis should be put on what West said, not the look on his own face that occurred while West was saying it.

West did end up apologizing to Bush, but the event has stuck with the former president. He even called it one of the lowest points of his presidency in his recent memoirs called Decision Points.

Katrina hit the city of New Orleans and many other places, including Florida, Cuba and the Bahamas in August of 2005.



Almost 2,000 people tragically died. New Orleans is known to have a large population of African Americans, especially in the poverty stricken areas that were hit hardest by the hurricane and the ensuing floods.

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