Comedian Sarah Silverman Suffers Serious Medical Scare


Comedian Sarah Silverman thought that she was suffering from a sore throat when in reality, it was a much more serious condition that was ailing her.

According to the celebrity humorist’s Facebook page, she had to have emergency surgery for epiglottitis, which is a condition that leads to the swelling of one area of the windpipe. This prevents air from entering a person’s lungs.

It’s a potentially fatal condition if not treated because obviously, you can’t live very long without being able to breathe.

The comedian chronicled her troubles on social media, saying that she is very thankful to everyone at the CedarsSinai Medical Center, where the surgery was performed and where she spent a week in the intensive care unit.

She said that since her blood pressure was low, she was not allowed to sleep during the recovery process, which led to a long period of being heavily sedated and restrained.

Thankfully, it’s all over and Silverman seems to be recovering nicely.

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