Listen To Calvin Harris’ New Breakup Song Olé


Everyone knows by now that Taylor Swift writes breakup songs every time she parts ways with a boyfriend. However, it seems that writing these breakup tracks is ‘transmittable’ as her latest ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris just released a song about their breakup, reports The Celebrity Auction.

The irony of this situation must be appreciated. Swift finally got a taste of her own medicine, but Calvin Harris still seems to be overreacting. Not only is this a song about the Harris-Swift split, but it looks like it’s been told from Tom Hiddleston’s perspective. Harris obviously believes that the Swiddleton happened while Swift was with him and he’s put these doubts into the song Olé as well.

Harris is undoubtedly hurt, dare we say even humiliated because Swift jumped into the arms of another man days after their split. He poured his heart out with the help of John Newman, so maybe he’ll be able to move on now.

The song will for sure have millions of views just because people will want to see Harris’ bleeding heart out in the open.

You can listen to the track here

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