Calvin Harris Mocks Taylor Swift’s Relationship With Tom Hiddleston


While a big part of the female population is still in mourning because Tom Hiddleston hooked up with Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris finds the circumstances ridiculous, according to TMZ.

The famous DJ and the even more famous singer were together for over a year before they went their separate ways at the beginning of June. Barely two weeks after the breakup, you could see Swift hand in hand with popular Hollywood actor Tom Hiddleston. The new couple has had no intention of hiding their newfound love since literally day one. All this time, Harris played it cool.

However, when Swift flew to the UK to meet Hiddleston’s mother Diana, Harris couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the situation. Apparently, some bitterness is involved as Harris asked Swift to come and meet his parents, but she always refused, saying that Scotland is too far away.

The fact that the celebrity singer decided to undergo “the trouble” of an over-ocean flight in her private jet to meet Hiddleston’s mother says a lot about their budding relationship. Harris finds the relationship development ridiculous and is actually behaving like he dodged a bullet by breaking up with Swift. Of course, his pride is also hurt so he could be mocking Swift to get back at her.

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