Calvin Harris Handling Breakup With Taylor Swift Just Fine


The breakup between DJ Calvin Harris and pop star Taylor Swift could end up being one of the happiest in the history of celebrity breakups.

Everyone thought that Swift was going to be devastated when Harris called off the 15-month-long romance, but that wasn’t the case. In fact, two weeks after the breakup, she was already seen sucking face with British heartthrob Tom Hiddleston.

And as far as Harris is concerned, he’s completely fine too. He recently tweeted that he was not sad at all about the breakup and that he was stoked about being free again.

However, sources close to the DJ say that it wasn’t him who sent out those tweets, which have since been deleted. So maybe he is feeling a little bummed.

But from what we can tell, the relationship has been going downhill for some time and both seem to be very happy that they are moving on from it. Swift seems to be especially stoked, considering that she has already found a worthy replacement for Harris in actor Hiddleston.

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