Sinead O’Connor Is Just Ecstatic For Ireland, Not Suicidal!


The whole world is in a state of significant shock after yesterday’s Brexit events, but some were overjoyed with this turn of the tide. One of those people was definitely Irish singer and songwriter Sinead O’Connor, who allegedly tried to kill herself earlier that same day.

There were reports yesterday, June 23, that O’Connor tried to commit suicide by jumping from a Chicago bridge, but it was all allegations and speculations. Thankfully, the singer later on in the day wrote a patriotic Facebook post saying how she’s proud of Ireland for “getting its independence” and that no, she is not suicidal.

The media can’t really be blamed for taking the story of O’Connor’s suicidal tendencies for granted, as the celebrity pulled a similar stunt only a month ago, when she was reported “missing and suicidal”, only to be found next day in a dodgy hotel. O’Connor has previously stated herself that she was both bipolar and maniacally suicidal, which is more than enough to keep everyone on the edge of their seats. It seems that for now she is doing fine and happy and hopefully things will stay that way.

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