Sinead O’Connor Tracked Down And Hospitalized


Sinead O’Connor was found in a hotel after a twenty-four hour search in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

The celebrity was reported missing on Sunday, May 15th, when she didn’t return from her usual morning bike ride. Anonymous caller informed the Wilmette police about the disappearance of the famous singer, after which authorities set out a check-for-well-being alert.

Not long after, Sinead O’Connor was found in a hotel and hospitalized, but no further details are available at the present time.

Thanks to the singer’s ample presence on social networks, many of her fans, as well as the authorities, are familiar with significant family issues that O’Connor is facing, most of them concerning custody over her young son Shane. The singer often writes about her family problems on Facebook, including a suicide note she wrote last November, where she threatened to end her life by overdose.

Her latest Facebook post is quite lengthy and tells in detail how exactly the famous singer feels about her present situation and it suffices to say that a lot of cuss words are involved.

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