Is Sinead O’Connor Missing?


It would appear that the world-renowned singer Sinead O’Connor has written another chapter in the book of instability she started in November of last year, when she actually wrote a post on Facebook about planning to kill herself by overdose.

The celebrity was reported missing this morning, when she didn’t come back from her traditional Sunday bike ride. An unidentified caller informed the Illinois PD of O’Connor’s disappearance and they are now searching the Wilmette suburbs, where the singer was last seen.

Another alarming detail, except the fact that O’Connor already has a history with this kind of behavior (after her overdose she received medical treatment), is that the singer sent an ominous Facebook message to her family members that sounds like a threat and a dark goodbye letter at the same time. This is the main reason why the police officers have described the singer as missing and suicidal, as well as due to the similar problems she faced in the past.

Sinead O’Connor was last seen dressed in all black on a motorized bicycle with a pink basket, and for now there isn’t any further information.

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