Kim Kardashian Pledges To Never Stop Taking Nude Selfies


We can all agree that we would rather look at nude pictures of Kim Kardashian than have to listen to her talk, right?

Thanks to the 2016 Webby Awards last night, we got all that and more. The Webbys are like the Grammys, only instead of recognizing great feats in music, these awards recognize equally thrilling Internet-related achievements.

Kardashian received the Break the Internet Award last night for her “unparalleled online success” and for inventing an all new type of celebrity, for better or worse.

Another great thing about the Webbys is that winners are not allowed to give long-winded acceptance speeches and are limited to saying what they have to say in five words or less.

“Naked selfies until I die.”

That was Kardashian’s acceptance speech. Bless her soul.

Don’t worry, everyone, her husband Kanye West won a Webby as well and didn’t have to rush the stage and make a scene like he does regularly at theGrammys.

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