Mariah Carey And Jennifer Lopez Were Never In A Feud


There have been rumors about an alleged beef between divas Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez circulating for well over a decade.

Where did it all start? Apparently, Carey was asked about a couple of divas in an interview some time around 2000. When asked about Beyonce, Carey responded that they have met a few times and that they were friendly. And when asked about Lopez, Carey simply said that she did not know her.

A lot of people were led to believe that Carey was saying that she had no idea who Lopez was – which seemed to a pretty harsh diss, all things considered.

However, Carey now wants to set the record straight. She was not saying that she did not know who Jennifer Lopez was, she was simply stating that she doesn’t know her that well – they aren’t friends.

Hopefully that will be the end of this 15-year-old celebrity non-beef.

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