Eva Longoria Is Getting Married This Weekend


Third time is the charm, or so they say, and chances are that could become true for the celebrity actress Eva Longoria. She and her fiancée José Pepe Baston are getting married this weekend, and they are the buzz of the celebrity news.

Longoria tried out married life two times before, with the soap opera actor Tyler Christopher and basketball star Tony Parker. Her soon-to-be husband Baston has a similar history, but this doesn’t bother the happy couple, who seem to be preparing a real Mexican wedding.

Baston proposed to Longoria in the middle of a desert in Dubai, which was a complete surprise for the actress, but she was delighted to say yes, so they crowned their engagement with a gorgeous ruby ring that you can see glimmering on Longoria’s hand. The couple is quite private when it comes to their life together, but they do look exceptionally happy together as the wedding day approaches.

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