Charlie Sheen Mad About “Anger Management” Money


Charlie Sheen is furious about his “Anger Management” money – or rather lack there of. The celebrity was sure that he was going to rake in millions from the syndication of the now-defunct sitcom.

It is estimated that he should have already made over $40 million from the syndication deal already, and up to $200 million when all is said and done.

That’s all well and good, but so far, he’s gotten nothing. And Sheen might need some real anger management if he doesn’t get paid soon. According to sources, producers from the show are saying that the show went over budget when it was still being made and that these debts are being paid off, but Sheen doesn’t want to listen to any of the excuses.

He is seeing the show being shown in syndication on tons of channels and he wants to see the money from it, considering that he owns 30% of the show’s right. Charlie says that if he doesn’t get paid quickly, he is going to be giving his legal team a call.

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