The Women Of Charlie Sheen’s Life Share Their Support


After Charlie Sheen confirmed that he is HIV positive in an appearance on the Today show on Tuesday, many of the women from his past have decided to speak out about his health and what his condition means for them.

Dr. Robert Huizenga, Sheen’s physician, explained that the 50-year-old actor still has undetectable levels of HIV in his blood due to effective, potent medicine, but this did not comfort his loved ones that much.

Sheen mentioned that it wasn’t until recently that he informed his daughter Cassandra Estevez of his condition. Here’s what he said:

“I felt bad, it hit her hard but she recovered, and she’s tough like her dad.”

His ex-wives Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards have been tested for HIV and received negative results as well as all of their children. Sheen claimed that he informed Richards, Mueller and all his ex-girlfriends of his condition back in 2011 while Bree Olson, who dated the actor in 2011, said she wasn’t notified and called Sheen “a monster”.

Mia Isabella, the transgender model and adult film star who dated Sheen in 2014, shared her support for the actor in an exclusive statement, saying:

“Prayers out to him. That IS hard news to hear. I’m saddened but know him as an incredible person and advocate. My memories of him reflect a warrior and super brave person, so I know he will navigate through this with strength. He isn’t afraid of facing any public scrutiny and speaking frankly and I have nothing but admiration for his friendship.”

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