Khloe Gets Crazy Sick At Lamar’s Bedside


Khloe Kardashian contracted a very serious staph infection while visiting Lamar in hospital. She’s been visiting her estranged husband quite a bit since he was hospitalized back in October. If we were really cynical, we might suggest that she’s been doing it just for the publicity, but we are not and we won’t.

In any case, Khloe recently took to Twitter to announce that she was sick and that her doctor has told her to stay put until they discovered what was wrong with her. This also caused her to cancel some of the appearances on the tour she’s been doing promoting her book.

It appears that the mystery is solved and that Khloe contracted a particularly nasty staph infection in the hospital, causing her to develop high fever, occasional chills, sweating and swollen glands to top everything off.

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