Ben Affleck Slurs And Swears On HBO


Bill Simmons has a new show on HBO called “Any Given Wednesday” and his first guest was actor Ben Affleck, And what a first guest he was.

Affleck, a huge New England Patriots fan, is obviously ticked off about “Deflategate” – the controversy because of which his team’s leader, quarterback Tom Brady, will have to sit out the first four games of the season.

Of course, there’s nothing strange about Affleck’s stance that it’s ridiculous – that Brady is right and the NFL is wrong. That’s the stance of just about everyone living in the greater Boston area. But it was interesting to note that Affleck didn’t look or sound like his usual well-spoken self.

He was slurring his words, and pretty much every other word coming out of his mouth was some form of the “f word.”

Was he drinking before getting on air? His people say “no.”

Affleck was slurring and being profane because he’s just that ticked off about Brady having to sit out the start of the season. Calm down, Batman!

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