Ben Affleck Hopes Batman Fans Will Be Pleased With His Performance


Ben Affleck hopes that Batman fans who believed he wouldn’t do the caped crusader any justice in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice know that he took the role very seriously and that they will be pleased with the way he brought the superhero to life.

He said he was pleased with his performance and that he worked really hard to master the challenging character. To quote him:

The most difficult thing about making this movie, honestly, was the physical aspect. Having to be in the gym every day, six in the morning … I wasn’t used to that kind of workout regimen.

Let’s jump back nearly three years ago when Warner Bros. announced that Affleck would be playing the lead role. If you remember, the majority of fans were outraged, thinking he would underachieve and basically ruin a movie that everyone had been hyping about for months.

Luckily for Affleck, you could easily say that they were wrong on all fronts. Not only did Affleck dominate the set, but the Internet is flooded with positive reactions and the movie will most likely be a huge box office success.

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