Seth Green Says Ben Affleck Isn’t Scary Enough For Batman


Actor Seth Green has joined an army of Batman fans who think Ben Affleck is a terrible choice for the legendary DC Comic’s hero. The actor insists Affleck’s simply not scary enough for the role.
It seems the list of Batman fans who don’t agree with Affleck portraying the legendary vigilante has increased with a new member who is a well-known comic book enthusiast. In 2005, Green even gave it a try with his own graphic novel.

In an interview with Larry King, Seth claimed that Affleck’s not convincing enough to stand against Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel.

Green explained, “You’ve got to remember that at the core of that character, Batman’s a crazy person. Batman has no powers. Batman is a rich, screwed-up kid whose parents were killed in front of him, who with his money and insanity decided to become a vigilante symbol to combat darkness.”

“If this movie is meant to be the idealistic alien, humans-before-all-else Superman, and this is supposed to be the grizzled, weathered Batman who’s been living in Gotham, fighting crime himself for 10 years, you need a guy who’s older. You need a guy who’s got more weight. And you need a guy that a Henry Cavill Superman is gonna be actually scared of.”

After Larry acknowledged that Affleck has impressive acting abilities, Green replied, “Yes, but there is only so much you can act a role before people are or are not going to believe you in that role.”

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