Kristen Stewart Is Directing A Music Video


Twilight star Kristen Stewart is in Nashville this week making her directorial debut on a music video for country band Sage + The Saints.

Kristen’s trying her behind-the-camera skills on her first project – a music video for her colleague Sege Galesi, who’s the band’s frontman.

“Kristen has always wanted to direct, and no better person to do that for than Sage,” a source told the news.

She and the crew were already spotted filming in Nashville on Tuesday, and Galesi took to her Facebook page to invite her fans to be a part of the shoot.

Sage wrote, “We are shooting our music video and need you to come party with us. Bring your friends, lovers, enemies, and mothers!

Interestingly, it’s a known fact that Kristen loves experimenting with new things. She even allowed her poetry to be published, saying, “I like being able to hit on something, like, ‘There it is.’”

I don’t want to sound so f–king utterly pretentious, but after I write something, I go, ‘Holy f–k, that’s crazy.’ It’s the same thing with acting: If I do a good scene, I’m always like, ‘Whoa, that’s really dope.’”

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