Harry Styles’ Sister Mad About Mom’s iCloud Being Hacked


One Direction star Harry Styles’ Sister Gemma is furious about the fact that someone has hacked into her mom’s iCloud and leaked pictures of Harry and his on-again, off-again girlfriend, celebrity and reality star Kendall Jenner, getting up close and personal.

People have also been making fake Twitter accounts for their mother. Gemma took to her own Twitter, telling the world that her mom is not on Twitter and that all of the recent accounts are fake ones. She scolded the fans who are violating her mom’s privacy and calling for an end to it. Anne Styles’ account was hacked on March 19, after which personal photos leaked of Harry and Kendall their public displays of affection.

However, Harry isn’t too stressed about the photos. They don’t compromise him or ruin his image in any way. Nothing is R or X-rated. However, he is also upset about the fact that his mom has become a target for hackers and wants to help to put and end to it.

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