Mischa Barton’s Career Keeps Spinning Out Of Control


There used to be a time when Mischa Barton was one of the biggest celebrities in the world. OC was on and it seemed like she would remain a huge star forever. And then, in 2006, it all ended, the show went off the air and Mischa tried to transition into movies. In short, it did not exactly work. Sure, she’s been making indie movies since, but who hasn’t?

Today, we are learning that she is literally grasping at straws, agreeing to appear on the 8263875638465th season of Dancing with the Stars. Okay, maybe it isn’t exactly the 8263875638465th season, but it sure feels that way.

Mischa will have the honor of being the biggest name there, surrounded by various reality TV faces staving off the inevitable slide into anonymity and the ever-glistening and ever-smiling dancers who have to drag these “celebs” around for weeks on end until another season ends.

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