Court Dismisses Harassment Counts Against Ashanti’s Stalker


A Manhattan judge dropped four counts of aggravated harassment against a neurotic Ashanti fan on Thursday (22May14). Namely, the famous American singer Ashanti received numerous ‘sexually explicit’ tweets from the accused stalker, Devar Hurd.

@ashanti ooh yes baby I love ur sweetheart, submissive, girlie, sloppy d–k suckin style u give me….” the maniac tweeted on April 8 from @picturetheframe

According to the news, Hurd said, “Yeah, I sent Ashanti lots of tweets, including the sexually-based ones.”

The obsessive fan was indicted on 14 counts of criminal contempt, stalking and aggravated harassment in July (13). However, prosecutors dismissed four counts of second-degree aggravated harassment against him on Thursday. They stated that the claims were ‘vague and unconstitutional.’ Hurd still faces 10 counts, felony stalking included.

The stalker spent some time in jail in 2010, after sending crotch photos to Ashanti’s mom. Afterwards, he was banned from contacting the singer in any way – which didn’t stop him, of course. Unsurprisingly, he pleaded not guilty to all the charges from 2013.

The crazy admirer could be facing a serious sentence if convicted at trial for felony stalking. Nonetheless, Hurd’s defense lawyer Glenn Hard doesn’t seem pretty upset.

He declared, “It makes the DA’s burden that much more difficult because stalking incorporates to some extent being in fear of physical harm and the tweets that I‘ve reviewed do not indicate there was any threat of violence.”


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