Charlize Theron Upset With Chelsea Handler Over Cupcakes


Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron was promoting her latest film A Million Ways To Die In The West on Handler’s Chelsea Letely late-night comedy talk show on Wednesday (21May14) when the hostess asked her whether she enjoyed the cupcakes. Namely, Chelsea sent gluten-free cupcakes to all her friends as gifts during the Christmas holidays and wanted some feedback from Theron.

Next thing you know it, the actress got really upset, “I did not think we were gonna go there but if you want to discuss this on national television, then let’s do this.

I just think that if you are gonna send a gift, let it be enjoyable. Why send me a f**king cupcake with no sugar in it? What’s the use…? It tastes like cardboard!

And this was the ultimate test – I was in the middle of a fitting with a bunch of fashion people… They love skinny stuff… I had them taste it, and even they couldn’t eat it… My dogs wouldn’t even eat it. I couldn’t get rid of the goddamn cupcakes in my kitchen!

She added, “I think the gluten-free thing is bulls**t… I don’t believe it and I think studies now recently just proved that it is bulls**t.”

Charlize continued in a similar matter, when she attacked the comedian for only serving gluten-free treats at her recent birthday party.

She said, “I think it’s rude for you to only have gluten-free cake when none of us eat gluten-free, except you, who then didn’t eat the cake.”

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