Wiz Khalifa Released From Jail

Rapper Wiz Khalifa is again a free man. The rap star spent time in a Texas jail after an arrest for marijuana possession on Sunday, May 25.

According to a statement from local police, Khalifa was stopped at an inspection checkpoint at an airport in El Paso after they discovered he was traveling without identification.

The rapper and his belongings were then searched, and Transportation Security Administration agents found a little canister with 5 grams of marijuana.

Then the El Paso police arrested the star and charged him with misdemeanor possession of marijuana. He spent hours in jail, which he used to send numerous mysterious tweets and even a ‘selfie’, from what seemed to be a prison cell.

The star was released after posting $300 (£178) bail. He later posted a picture of himself on Instagram.com, entering his private plane. He also added a caption to it, saying, “Bacc (sic) to da trap.”

The incident with marijuana happened during his trip to El Paso where he was scheduled to headline the Neon Desert music festival.

He was on his way to perform at Minnesota’s 2014 Soundset music festival on Sunday, but he was taken to custody instead.

So, he took to his Twitter.com page to announce his performance was called off. “Im on a Pj to Soundest,” he tweeted, “so I obviously can’t drop the tape right now but iss def comin out today.”

His representative still hasn’t responded to any requests for comments on the incident.


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