Demi Lovato Believes Mermaids Exist and Says They Are Aliens


Demi Lovato revealed that she really believed aliens existed.  And mermaids, as well.  In fact, Lovato who was supposed to promote her new world tour on Late Night With Seth Meyers, said she believed in alien mermaids!

Basically, she thinks mermaids live in the Indian Ocean and they are aliens.

Demi: “I know that [aliens are] real … How self-centered would we be as humans to believe that we are the only living things in the universe?

Seth: “Well, call me self-centered. Because I don’t believe in aliens.”

Demi: “Well, I’m also a huge fan of conspiracy theories.”

Seth: “You … I think this is my favorite. You’re all in on mermaids.

Demi: “Okay, I can explain. So you know Atlantis? There was that underground city.

Seth: “Underwater city.

Demi: “You know what I mean. I believe that there could possibly be mermaids, which is actually an alien species that lives in parts of the Indian Ocean that we have never explored before. And Christopher Columbus had actually seen three mermaids on the way to America. I just really think it’s possible. There’s this, like, really extremely convincing documentary that came out.

Seth: “The Little Mermaid?

Demi: “No! It was on, like, National Geographic — no, the Discovery Channel. And then the next day they had to say it was fake. I mean, they’re aliens. You can laugh all you want.

Demi Lovato must have watched the discredited faux documentaries that aired on Animal Planet and featured fake footage and fake experts who gave fake interviews.

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