Demi Lovato Publicly Thanks Her Personal Trainer


Demi Lovato has had her share of troubles with body image and eating disorders, but the good news is that all of those issues are now just a thing of the past. Who is to thank? According to Demi herself, her personal trainer Ronny Comacho and his wife Elise deserve the praise.

Lovato posted a collage on her Instagram profile which features a hand-written note to her trainer, some motivational messages and a selfie of herself and Ronny.

Among other things that she wrote in her public thank you note is the line with which Ronny accepted the challenge, saying, ‘We are going to kick this eating disorder’s ass!!!’

Lovato then added that, “He was as determined as I was and has been a huge part of my recovery ever since. I’ve never been happier and healthier and I credit so much of that to this man and his beautiful wife.”

We are so happy for Demi and we’re certain you are as well.

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