Did DiCaprio And Rihanna Get It On Before The Golden Globes?


The story has it all: an Oscar-caliber actor with an ever-expanding figure; a Barbados-born superstar with more singles than a stripper after a Japanese-businessmen-heavy night; the Playboy mansion and to top it all off – a whole bunch of rumors.

According to a person who attended the Playboy Mansion Golden Globes party, Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna were seen making out with Pour It Up coming from the speakers. This initial rumor was then confirmed by a few other people.

Not long after, more sources came out, this time with a different story. They came out telling that the two have been friends for quite some time and that there was nothing more than some innocent flirting, at the most.

The party was a bona fide A-list event, as Leo and Rihanna were joined by 50 Cent, Naomi Campbell, Ashley Benson, Tom Hardy and Jessica Szohr.

How’s that for a party?!

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