Amal Clooney Thinks The Hollywood Social Scene Is ‘Beneath Her’


Famous bachelor George Clooney will finally be tamed! Apparently, Amal Cloony wears the pants in their house and makes all the decisions. Her desire to change Clooney’s strange habits is already affecting his choice of movies, but now she has something bigger in mind.

Rumor has it that Amal grew tired of the Hollywood and all the events that are happening there, so she’s trying to pull George away from those “bad influences”. A classic story of whipping. Who chch Georgy…

Amal thinks that if they spends time with judges, lawyers and scientist it is going to make them more “cultural”.

Star Magazine reveals the real Amal Clooney.

“Since marrying George Clooney in a lavish ceremony in Venice, Amal Clooney has gone from rubbing elbows with the world’s elite to hanging with her hubby’s chowderhead friends. And while many would assume Amal would fit right in, insiders claim she’s already grown tired of the Hollywood social scene she feels is beneath her.

“Amal is one of London’s top attorneys,” claims a source to Star. “She’s highly educated and accustomed to spending her time with judges, doctors, scientists and writers. To go from that to hanging out with people like Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, two of George’s good buddies, just isn’t her style.”

Another thing that Amal doesn’t like are the shared vacations…

“She doesn’t want to hurt George’s feelings but she can’t stand being around ‘guys’. She struggles to find anything talk about with them.”

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