Jaycee Chan Jailed For Six Months On Drug Charge


Jackie Chan’s son, Jaycee Chan ended up in jail recently. He was arrested in China on a drugs charge of “the crime of sheltering others to take drugs”. This was prompted by his positive test for marijuana drug. 

Jaycee Chan is an actor, just like his father, but he also sings quite well, but that didn’t help him when police found 100 grams of marijuana at his house. Considering the harshness of Chinese courts, especially when it comes to drugs, Jaycee should be lucky that he got only six months of jail time.

Official reports say that he “voluntarily pleaded guilty” and this is an excerpt of the official court’s microblog:

“I have broken the law and should be punished. When I return to society, I will not repeat this because I have let my family and friends down yet again.”

Not only did he inhale and use marijuana but he made it available for two other people, surnamed Ke and Li.


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