Are Farrah Abraham’s Lips The Worst Plastic Surgery Botch Ever?

Farrah Abraham ended up in the ER yesterday following what can only be described as a plastic surgery disaster of outrageous proportions. The star of Teen Mom, who is no stranger to cosmetic surgery interventions, wanted to make some improvements to her lips and decided to get implants instead of fillers, since they do not require regular touch-ups. Something, however, went awry and Farrah ended up with an upper lip that looks ridiculous, if not downright scary. She believes she had an allergic reaction to the local anesthetic she was given before the implants were inserted. According to experts, this is one possible scenario, the other one being her lips reacting to the trauma that is cosmetic surgery, since they are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Farrah posted a couple of pictures of herself from the ER, warning other women to be careful not to end up with a botched procedure. She even posted a picture of Leela fromFuturama, who she now kind of looks like.

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