Did Sean Penn Screw Kate Del Castillo Over?


Kate del Castillo has come forward with an entirely new story about the whole Sean Penn interviewing El Chapo thing which has put her life in danger.

According to her, Joaquin Guzman approached her with an interest in having a Godfather-like movie made about his life. She got two producers interested in the movie and then Penn came out of nowhere, offering his star power to speed things up. She talked to El Chapo and he agreed to talk to Penn. Up to that point, there had been no talk about anything even resembling an interview.

Then, just as they were supposed to meet the notorious drug lord, Penn told her that he was actually there to do an interview for Rolling Stone. In short, the actor royally screwed her over.

According to Penn, this couldn’t be further from the truth and he claims she knew all along that he was there for the interview.

Who do you trust?

Read more about the El Chapo incident:


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