Andie MacDowell Protests After Being Bumped To “Tourist Class”


It’s never a nice experience when you pay for a certain service and then don’t receive it because of someone’s incompetence. Andie MacDowell experienced this first hand on Friday as American Airlines bumped her from first class to what she referred to as “tourist class.” She reportedly got downgraded because her dog was traveling with her.

Here’s what she wrote on Twitter:

@AmericanAir HELP I paid for first class & they put me in tourist because of my dog that I pre-booked & paid for

The social media network was, expectedly, quick to respond to her complaint. Many criticized MacDowell, calling her a snob and referring to her issue as a “first-world problem.” Others, however, chose to defend her, arguing that every passenger should get what they paid for. Bolstered by the support, MacDowell pointed out that class warfare is not the same as expressing dissatisfaction with a service that one paid for.

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