Two NYC Girls Track Mark Ruffalo Down


It is not every day that you learn about the Hulk being saved by two ordinary NYC girls. Well, it happened during the blizzard this weekend in NYC. It was none other than Mark Ruffalo who needed saving and two girls came to his rescue.

What happened was that they found his cellphone and his wallet and did what all decent people would do. The famous actor dropped the two items during the blizzard on Saturday and Amenaide and Catherine saw them in the snow as they were walking with their mom.

They didn’t recognize the famous name on the driver’s license and they had to do some serious telephoning to get ahold of Ruffalo’s publicist. Mark visited the nice family himself, collected his items, gave the girls a $100 and told them to wait for a signed picture of Hulk. You’re a nice guy, Ruffalo.

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