Michael Jackson Did Help Make “Sonic 3” Music


Michael Jackson composing some of the music for Sega’s “Sonic The Hedgehog 3” game is one of the greatest myths in the history of gaming. It is a rumor, or more so legend, that has been active for over two decades now.

Finally, someone has got to the bottom of it. According to a detailed Huffington Post investigation into the matter, it has been confirmed that Jackson did indeed write music for the game. If you think about it, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise. We all know that Sega made the late pop icon’s “Moonwalker” game, so we know that he had real ties with the company and collaborated with them actively.

But what we still don’t know is why it was kept a secret all these years. Some believe that Jackson was not happy with the technology at the time and didn’t think that the score that he created came out right. Others believe that Sega did not want to say anything about it, since Jackson was tied up in several public controversies at the time the game was being released.

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