Diesel Promises FF8 Will Be The Best Movie Ever Made


As far as promotion goes, Vin Diesel sure knows how to do it for his movies, especially the Fast and Furious franchise. He already claimed that Furious 7 deserved an Oscar nomination and now, he is taking it a step further.

He claims that Fast and Furious 8 will be the best piece of cinema ever made.

His promise was a part of the first official announcement of the movie, made by Vin at Cinema Con this Thursday.

He said:

“We’re gonna make the best movie you’ve ever seen,”

The movie already has a release date – April 14, 2017.

Universal Studios has not yet announced who of the regular cast will be returning. No matter who comes back for the 8th installment of the franchise, everyone will surely miss Paul Walker who tragically lost his life while Furious 7 was still in production.

Universal had no doubts whether another FF movie will make sense after Furious 7 made more than $1 billion.

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