Lil Twist And Lil Wayne’s Bus Shot At


Yesterday around 3:30am in Atlanta Lil Wayne and his entourage were leaving Compound nightclub when their tour bus was shot at. Two of the people in Lil’s entourage were artists Lil Twist and Hood. Fortunately no one was injured. According to TMZ the vehicles were immediately driven to a nearby hotel and a the police was called.

As confirmed by Atlanta Police spokesperson, Elizabeth Espy, police is still looking for suspects.

Lil Wayne seems to be getting into a lot of trouble lately. Let us remind you that just a few weeks ago his former tour bus driver accused him of threatening to kill him.

The incident started, according to Mark Jones, the bus driver, when he pulled over to refuel and Wayne became so “irate” that he was left so scared that he had to keep driving. Wayne allegedly continued his tirade, threatened to pistol whip the man, “whip his ass” and then kill him.

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